When the old dog was blind and deaf,it became hard for him to walk outside.His master’s act touched even the police!

A few days ago,two police officers,passing through Heidelberg West,Australia,noticed something very unusual!
They saw a dog who rides in a tiny car.Of course,the police considered it their duty to stop and check everything.
Soon,a little fluffy motorist was caught.

Of course,the dog didn’t drive himself.His owner was next to him,holding the toy control pannel in his hands.He told what was going on.A dog named Buddy is already old,besides he is blind and deaf.
The owner bought it specifically for the pet so that he could enjoy the fresh air without tireing his paws.

This story is both funny and touching.The pet is very lucky — its owner loves him,no matter what!
Now people know exactly what the owners’ love for their pets looks like!

Thanks to the man for giving so much affection and care to an elderly dog.

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