While out strolling, the dog came upon a little kitten in need of assistance in the bushes. They soon adopted the child.

A guy named Tam, as usual, went for a walk with his good-natured golden retriever named Mamayo. As always, they came to the park and there the dog frolicked at full speed.

But suddenly Mamayo rushed into the bushes and disappeared there for a while. And he returned with the booty. Approaching the owner, he carefully laid the tiny kitten.

The baby was very weak and apparently had not eaten anything for a long time. He clearly needed urgent help, he was severely emaciated and his tail was injured.

There Tam found a cardboard box nearby, in which he carefully put the kitten and quickly carried it home. The kitten was very frightened and did not stop crying until Tam brought him home and fed him.

The guy decided to name the kitten Honey. After the kid ate, he calmed down a bit, and then Tam took him to the veterinary clique.

The doctors conducted an examination, treated the wounded tail and said that everything would be fine with him, he just needed care and attention.

The kitten began to recover. He became very good friends with Mamayo and perhaps even decided that he was his adoptive mother. Honey follows the dog everywhere and sleeps with him. Thus, he feels protected.

Now they spend all their time together. They eat, play and relax together. The dog teaches the kitten all the tricks of life, and Honey has become a very good student.

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