While two huskies were watching TV, their owner abruptly arrived home.

Do you know what pets can do in your absence? Have you ever imagined their secret routine and the things they do when you are out of the house?

Recently, an Internet user posted an interesting video, which has already been watched by more than 2 million people. The main characters of this video are two husky dogs, who were completely alone in the house.

During their absence, their owner activated a hidden camera in order to find out what exactly his favorite dogs are doing while he is not at home. The result was quite shocking.

Touchingly embracing, the dogs just lay on the couch and watched TV together. Suddenly the front doors began to rustle. The dogs then realized that their owner had come. Both pets immediately jumped up from the cozy sofa.

While one of the pups took the remote control and quickly turned off the TV, the second ran for a small rag and then wiped the floor with it.

The man for some reason could not open the front door and began to knock. One husky got ready to help and coped with the door handle without any problems.

Another dog took a food bowl in his teeth and ran towards his beloved owner. He thanked the animals and the video ended.

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