White tigress and white lion gave birth to cubs, and they are just amazingly beautiful

This lion and the tigress are a beautiful couple!

These species, of course, belong to different felines, but still, sometimes they can make a good union together.

And if this is a white lion and a white tigress, then the probability that such a pair will appear at all and also leave offspring is simply extremely low.

There are only about 1200 white tigers and 300 white lions living in the world. So when, in 2014, a white lion and a white tigress formed a couple, it was a whole event.

They met at a safari park.

The sanctuary is home to white lions and tigers. This is a unique place where visitors can see rare specimens up close.

In 2014, the tigress gave birth to 4 little ligers! Half lions, half tigers – they are very cute and they are the only ones in the whole world! There are only about 1000 ligers in the world but only these are white.

6 weeks old, each of them already weighed almost 7 kg. They grow very quickly, gaining about 400 gm per day. It is possible that one day they will become the largest cats in the world!

In fact, the uncle of these ligers is the largest living liger in the world. It weighs almost 420 kg!

The reserve’s veterinarians say these cubs are likely to weigh as much, if not more, than their uncle.

In fact, ligers are wonderful hybrids! And these wonderful super big cats can rightfully be called one of the magical wonders of our planet.

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