Who has sharper hearing:a dog or a cat?

Sharp hearing helps animals in the struggle for survival:thanks to it is possible to avoid danger,hear the enemy before his appearance and without good hearing there will be no successful hunt!

Haring of dogs
Dogs perceive the range of sounds from twenty to forty-five thousand hertz.Rocks with standing ears can be heard especially well.

Your pet has such sharp hearing that it easily catches your pulse,also he is able to hear the voice of the owner.

Hearing of cats
Cats hear quite differently when compared to dogs.A cat can listen to two(or more) different sounds coming from different sides at the same time!
It turns out that any sound that seems quiet to us can annoy the animal with its intensity!Now it’s clear why cats don’t like guests,noisy parties and screams!

Surely,we can say that the hearing of cats is much more sensitive than that of dogs!Did you know about it?

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