Wildlife keeper takes naps and plays with four orphan bears to help them feel comfortable

There are some people who have no fear towards some wild animals. These wildlife lovers trust beasts and even can take naps next to them.

It’s not only dangerous sleeping near a predator but also uncomfortable dealing with an animal weighing around 1,500 pounds.

Jim Kowalczik has always protected animals and has always helped them. The man has a special love for bears.

Since 1990 he and his wife have been taken care of many bears. After founding Orphaned Wildlife Center Jim and Susan welcomed many bears.

But in their rehabilitation center always something odd happens. The man naps with his four furry bear friends to help them feel comfortable and loved.

About a decade ago Jim took in his center four bears that have become his best friends since then. Now he is bonded with them and treats them specially.

Jim doesn’t complain about their playfulness or weight. He is happy that bears feel good in his companionship.

The man has different funny activities with the beautiful bears. No matter it’s summer or winter, Jim is always ready to play with the giants, making them feel better!

This story needs our attention. People like Jim can dedicate their lives to animals without any expectations! We wish Jim and his family good health!

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