Woman goes out to garden and sees someone sleeping in her flowerbed

On a recent blustery day in Malvern, Pennsylvania, a woman named Karen looked across her yard and found a strange visitor nestled in the flowerbeds, staring right at her.

The poor dog was wet, dirty and freezing cold. Karen brought the pup a blanket and a bowl of chicken soup, then she called Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery for help. Rescuer Nicole Asher was pleased that Karen had responded quickly and calmly.

“[She] was very surprised and handled it perfectly without startling [the dog] and scaring her off,” Asher told The Dodo.

Asher assured Karen that she should continue slowly introducing food to the dog and should never attempt to run after her.

“Not chasing or pursuing the dogs allows them to settle in an area,” Asher said. “Karen calmly and quietly putting out food and leaving her be allowed [the dog] to feel comfortable enough to return.”

Asher brought over a kennel trap and hoped the sweet pup might walk inside. It didn’t take long for the sleepy dog to take the bait.

“She finally got up from a long rest and made her way right to my trap,” Asher wrote in a Facebook post. “Within moments she was in and finally safe.”

Asher and Karen checked the dog’s tags and slowly uncovered the mysterious pup’s story. Her name was Ella, and she’d been living in a foster home sponsored by MatchDog Rescue when she escaped. By the time Asher caught her, Ella had been missing for over two weeks and had traveled 12 miles. Everyone was elated that Ella was safe again.

“We were beyond thrilled,” Asher wrote. “I immediately contacted the number, and after they got over the initial shock, there were lots of happy tears and cries of joy.”

Rescue staff quickly arrived to take Ella back where she belonged. Exhausted Ella was so glad to be sheltered and cozy again.

“The president of the rescue came and took her back to her home to decompress and rest from her traumatic time on the run,” Asher said. “She settled right in and has become a big couch potato.”

Ella’s surely grateful for the soup and blankets, which made all the difference during her time in the flowerbeds. But now, thanks to Karen, Asher and MatchDog Rescue, she’s back to a real bed and, soon, a real family of her own.

To help other dogs like Ella, make a donation to Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery here and make a donation to MatchDog Rescue here.

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