Woman saw two live thoroughbred dog skeletons on the street and could not pass by

Once, on a cold fall day, a girl named Diane was walking down the street and saw a shocking sight – two emaciated dog skeletons were greedily eating bread by the dumpsters!

By color, characteristic ears and physique, even in this form, she recognized the breed – the English Pointer.

Diane could not pass by – she has long been helping homeless animals. Coming closer, the girl was even more shocked – the puppies had no eyes. They were both blind!

The third shock awaited her already in the veterinary clinic – the doctor found membranes on their paws between the toes!

Where these “alien” dog brothers came from is a mystery. Most likely, the breeder of elite dogs simply threw them away, blind and substandard, and the two puppies survived as best they could.

Obviously, it was difficult for the dogs to survive; they were in an extreme state of exhaustion. In addition, one turned out to be infected with the distemper.

The brothers were separated: one was given a preventive vaccination; the second was treated. But despite the quality of medical care, the sick puppy died on the second day – the exhausted body could not cope with the infection.

After the quarantine, Diane took the surviving puppy to her home, to her “dog gang”, which consists of no more, no less, of 100 members. He received the name Yatagan, as befits a purebred hunting dog.

Difficultly, slowly the dog adapted to life in the house. Gradually, Diane began to train her pet – she had to learn how to give commands to blind dogs.

Diane says that for a long time she could not take a photo of Yatagan, because he kept jumping and trying to lick his owner’s face, followed her as if tied.

We are so glad to know that the poor animal now lives a better life.

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