Young man found a mother dog with her puppies in the mountains that needed help

Tom spends a lot of time in nature, away from the bustle of the city. He prefers resting in wild places to other types of relaxation.

The young man did not even suspect that his next trip would turn into an animal rescue operation. While walking along the forest road, he saw with peripheral vision a slight movement in the grass.

Literally in a couple of seconds, a dog got out on the road. The dog weighed very little, looked emaciated and frightened. In addition, she was the mother of small puppies. By all indications, the pet was intentionally taken to the forest and left there to die.

At first, the dog showed alertness, was afraid to approach people. After a while, she decided to trust strangers and let them take her babies in their arms.

Tom felt sorry for the dog with puppies and decided to take the animals home. The guy arranged a corner in the apartment, especially for the dog family. He put the puppies on the rug, mother lay down next to him.

Tom named the dog Ruby. After some time, the pet got used to Tom, began to show feelings for him.

She was very affectionate, kind, playful. After some time, Tom started looking for new owners for the grown puppies.

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