Rescued dog didn’t want to get separated from the news reporter – the man adopted him

They say that it is the home pets that find their owners and not the other way around.

One day a news reporter came to an animal shelter to make a story for the broadcast.

When the operator turned on the camera, and the reporter himself began to read the text, a dog ran up to him.

He hugged the journalist’s leg and didn’t want to let go. The man certainly didn’t expect such attention from the pet. But he didn’t push the animal away.

The dog recently went to the shelter. He was taken from the street in a very poor state. Here he was helped to stand on his feet (more precisely, on his paws).

The dog really needed a new owner. Therefore, he decided to choose his owner himself.

Apparently, the journalist seemed to the dog the ideal owner. He never doubted this for a second.

The amazing connection between humans and animals is real. Animals feel how we treat them. They are sensitive and this is how they can love us or be afraid of us.

The journalist was also moved by this embrace. At the end of his work, the man took the dog and adopted him.

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