«Dad is hitting her»: a box with a note was thrown to the shelter, from which tears welling up

This incredibly touching story took place in one of the Mexican shelters. Once the workers found a box at the threshold, in which a dog was sitting with an ivy toy next to it.

And also in the box was a note, written in an uncertain child’s handwriting. After reading the note, the volunteers were horrified. At first it seemed to them that the baby had thrown the baby, begging the dog, but unable to care for it.

But everything turned out to be wrong. 12-year-old boy Andres has done a brave thing. He saved his beloved puppy from the stiffness of his own father. The child wrote that the puppy always suffered kicks, but once the blow was so strong that the animal injured its tail.

The child in a letter begged to take care of the puppy and treat him well, and also tried to help him and attach him to kind owners.

After reading the letter, the dog was taken to the veterinary clinic for examination. It turned out that his tail was damaged, and his fur was covered with parasites, but, to his great joy, he had no serious health problems.

The dog was given the nickname Rene, it was a girl. The staff made a post on the page of the shelter in the social network and immediately more than three hundred people wanted to become the owners of the baby.

Very soon she was transferred to a caring family, where she would never have to face something like this again.

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