Pitbull rescued his cat friend attacked by coyotes and took care of her

The location of the drama is Seminole, Florida. Sherry Lewis and her son Peter were witnesses.

And the fact is that they had two fluffy inhabitants in their family: the cat Kitty, which was “supervised” by Sherry, and a rather large, four-legged, pitbull Jack, Peter’s closest friend.

And, as often happens when living together, the dog quickly became attached to the cat, a truly friendly relationship arose between them, where the stronger (dog) takes care of the weaker (cat) – whatever the cat would invent about this.

In general, Jack took care of Kitty, and they could often be seen lying on the same couch and licking each other.

Sherry says that one evening she heard a loud dog barking. Jack was not “on duty” at all, but spiteful, aggressive. Mrs. Lewis ran out of the house and saw a terrible scene: the coyotes, of which there are many in this state, tracked down and grabbed Kitty. But Jack rushed to protect his friend.

The predators were frightened by the fiercely attacking dog, abandoned their prey and ran away. The condition of the wounded cat caused concern. But the owners turned for veterinary help on time, and the kitty quickly stood up on her paws, wounded during the attack of coyotes.

Jack did not leave Kitty a step during the treatment, and the Lewis are sure that this incident taught a lot both to the cat and its protector – who will definitely not allow such an attack again!

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