The story of a pregnant dog named Ellie in whose life there were difficulties,but soon everything got better.

Ellie’s life has come a difficult period.No one could say exactly what had happened to her.A few months ago,she was found in Costa Rica at the entrance to one of the houses.

She was left without food and water,in addition to this,she was pregnant.Neighbours contacted animal rights volunteer Tanya Capelluti and said the owners had left the poor dog.
The volunteer understood that it was necessary to find a place for a pregnant dog,otherwise the unfortunate dog would have to give birth right on the street.

These should have been loving people who would help her and such people were soon found.In the Edoma of Winn McKee,the dog was comfortable and calm and very soon she gace birth to six puppies.

Ellie expressed her gratitude to her savior in every possible way,who cared not only for her,but also for her puppies.
The babies are growing very fast and they will soon be found owners.

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