The little kitty ran after the guy all the way.The cat knew exactly what she was doing…

.Recently,happiness happened in the family of a young man named Yakov.Well,how else can you call a pretty kitty who suddenly got home to a guy?Happiness after all!

A little more than a week ago,Yakov was returning home when he met a cute homeless cat.The street beauty looked attentively at the stranger with huge expressive eyes,and then resolutely followed him.
It seemed she decided to take him at the way home.The kitten went into the entrance with the young man,and then went to the apartment.

Fortunately,Yakov loved cats very much.The guy fed the cat,and she looked at him with such a pleading look that he suddenly realized that he would no longer leave the kitten.
He took the animal to the vet.And the cat was only seven months old.She was completely healthy!

The cat’s name is Sonya.Now the kitten enjoys delicious food,a soft sofa and the company of a wonderful owner.
And yet cats know how to accurately identify good people!

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