A 9-year-old boy feeds homeless dogs with pocket money and collects money to open an animal shelter.

A lot of people are indifferent and even cruel to animals and rarely any of them are ready to do something to save them.But this nine-year-old boy made their fate easier as the goal of his life and,we hope,his behavior will inspire many.

While most children of his age spend their pocket money on sweets,Ken Amante decided to use it for a nobler purpose:buying food for unfortunate homeless dogs in his area in the Philippines.
Fortunately,his kindness and nobility became known around the world and he received the assistance of animal lovers who still support him.Huge donations were collected,and the dream of a 9-year-old boy to open shelter for all these unfortunate animals came true.

Because of Ken’s inherent kindness and modesty,at first no one knew about his activities.However,seeing his son after leave the house with w backpack full of food,his father once decided to follow hi,but his heart melted at the sight of what he met behind several streets.His child was surrounded by a pack of homeless dogs,and they all pulled their tails waiting for their human friend to share food with them.

The proud father published a picture of his son on media and soon it spread throughout the network and Ken became famous.He received broad support from animal lovers from all over the world,and fortunately,soon after opened a shelter called «Happy Animals».
Ken himself assures that his goal is to save as many animals as possible.

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