A brave man threw himself into cold and icy water to save a dog: the most humane gesture there is

Sometimes we can’t imagine what we would do if we were in a life-or-death state to save an animal. Definitely, if we rush to ask for help and save an animal, we will be considered legends.

Thus, the hero of this story was a real legend. Once, Don Chatten was walking with his 2 adorable dogs in New York.

The day was very cold, when a woman called for her help, because she had lost her little puppy. He was ready to help as he could, but when they found the poor doggie, Chatton spotted the risk in which the little dog appeared. So, he didn’t have time to hesitate!

The poor pet had fallen into the freezing waters of Ellicott Creek, and if the man did not act as quickly as possible, the poor animal would be expelled. He tried to pick up the doggo from under the ice, but the ice broke and he too fell into it.

As he said later, he had called 911, but since there was not enough time left, he immediately rushed to save the animal on his own.

He also mentioned that he knew that the water in the park was not deep enough to kill him, because he used to go there for a walk when he was a child. Fortunately, the dog’s life was saved thanks to the kind man.

Then the trembling dog was taken to a local veterinary clinic, where he found out that he was physically in good condition.

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