A cat who loves walking once came back with an unusual note from a neighbor.

8 years ago,Emily Crane took a kitten named Rex from the shelter.Rex grew up to be a very loving cat and at the same time he was not afraid of other people,but he was very happy to look for contacts with them in any case.

Emily tried to keep Rex at home,but then little by little she began to let him go for a walk outside.During his walks,Rex began to visit the neighbors’ plots and they rejoiced at such a friendly cat.But one day Emily learned that Rex had moved to a new level of dating.
One day,from his next walk,the cat returned with a small note attached to his collar.Then Emily saw it and opened it,the following was written there:

«Hello! This is your neighbor from the red house.We just wanted you to know that Rex began to feel a strange love for our bathroom.He sneaks into our house,climbs into the bath and sits there!In fact,we’re all right with it,because we love Rex very much.We just want you to know,if you wonder that the cat disappears,then most likely it’s sitting in out bath.»

According to Emily,she could hardly resist laughter by reading the note.In response,she wrote a note to her neighbors,thanking them for their hospitality and attached it to Rex’s collar!

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