A flock of swans froze on the lake,a kind woman saved them….

The descendants of these swans appeared later than usual.Their babies were born late and they just didn’t have time to get stronger enough for a long time to get stronger enough for a long flight to the south.The family decided to stay in the pond for the whole winter,because the kids could not postpone the flight,but they also has no chance to survive alone in winter.

Until mid-winter,the birds coped with the problems that fell on them on their own,but the situation became very complicated,it was only necessary to hit the frosts.The pond is covered with ice and the birds have no choice but to go to people to find food.
Residents of the nearest swan village regretted and began to feed.Some caring people wrote to zoos,hoping that they would shelter birds before the heat comes.No one responded to the request.Animals don’t have a sweet time in winter,so no one wanted to bear the costs of an additional seven birds.

A local woman decided to help the swans.Lyudmila has several restaurants on the island,and for birds she allocated a place in one of her greenhouses.As food,the swans received leftovers from the restaurant.In just a few weeks of life in warmth and good nutrition,the birds recovered and began to look much better.
Lyudmila was surprised that one swan from the pack is black,although the rest of the family is white.

White swans quickly accepted black into their family and did not separate them either on warm days,when there was plenty of food,nor after the frosts came and they had a very difficult time.
Together with the swans,Lyudmila has chickens,ducks and even a pig in the greenhouse.It is very nice to understand that there are still people in our world who are not indifferent to the fate of a animals.

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