A frightened homeless kitten tramled his paws on the blanket: he was blind and didn’t know where he was being taken.

People told volunteers about the little blind kitten.Many people saw a baby sitting timidly on the street,but only the most conscious people turned to specialists for help…

When volunteers Joanne and Kate came to help the kitten,they saw a picture from which their hearts clutched:the baby was orphaned on the street.
When the volunteers carefully put her in a carrier,the kitten began to trample her paws on a plaid blanket.She was confused and in distress.It was very difficult for a blind animal to navigate,so the cat was scared.

Kenshi,as they called the «girl»,soon ended up in an orphanage.She was bought and then fed.At first,she ate timidly from her hands,and then greedly attacked the food.
Doctors examined her eyes and admitted that they would not be able to help.The little one will have to remove them,but after surgery she will feel much better!

Soon the cat underwent surgery,after which she began to recover.And not so long ago,a kind woman took her to her house.She renamed the kitty Cherry(Vishenka),and now the pet lives with her.

Well,we want to wish her to be happy!

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