A homeless cat came to a volunteer with one kitten,but soon appeared with several more.

Linda Zardane from Texas looks after homeless cats qho live next door.But one day a volunteer noticed a cat that hadn’t appeared here before…
The three-color beauty approached Linda,trying to draw attention to herself.

Gradually,the purr began to come to the door of the house where Linda lived,and was afeared to go inside.Even if the volunteer opened the door,the kitty didn’t come in.
Deciding to make friends with Kelly,as Linda called the guest,the woman began to often spend time with her,feed and stroke her.
Soon Linda thought that Kelly could be a great pet and she fell in love with the kitten with all her heart.

But one day Linda noticed that the cat had rounded up.It soon became clear that Kelly was pregnant.
Alas,Kelly has disappeared!Days passed,but the cat did not appear.Linda was worried,but soon her neighbor told her that she had seen a pregnant cat.
Assuming it was Kelly,the volunteer went to the specified place and saw her girlfriend carrying a kitten in her teeth!

Soon there were five newborn babies in front of Linda!
May they be happy!

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