A lost dog walks through a police station to «surrender» and reunites with its owners

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet disappears, but it’s important not to lose hope.

Sometimes pets come back to us in an unexpected way. And because animals are often smarter than we think, they sometimes find their way home on their own.

This was the case recently, after a missing dog walked straight into a police station, knowing that he would help her get home.

Police in Leicestershire, England, recently shared some CCTV security footage, showing the moment a Border Collie named Rosie casually walks around their Loughborough police station.

Fortunately, this dog was not a criminal and had actually behaved quite well: she would have taken a seat in a corner of the room and would have quickly conquered the agents. «Our staff went to get water for Rosie and quickly made friends with a lot of noise,» the department wrote on Facebook.

It was clear that this dog had moved away from the house. The agents checked his collar and fortunately were able to identify his owners.

The owner was reportedly «delighted that she had been found safe and well,» and said Rosie had escaped during a nearby walk with another dog. Losing a pet can be scary, even if only for a short time, but we are glad that Rosie was quickly united with her owners – it is clear that this dog knew exactly where to go for help.

«What an adorable and intelligent dog,» the police wrote. What a smart dog! She clearly knew where to go! I’m so glad Rosie is home! Please share this heartwarming news!

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