A moose that was nearly buried in a deep mud hole in Ontario is rescued by two 70-year-old men.

Recently, Maurice Valliere and Pat Greba, both 70-year-old retired prospectors have been praised as heroes for rescuing a dying moose. But it was an easy rescue story. They had a very hard task to do.

The incident happened in the forests of Timmins, Ontario. Valliere was at home when his 82 years old friend called and informed about a moose stuck in a deep mood.

The man tried to rescue the moose himself but all of his efforts were in vain. Then Valliere tried to contact the authorities for help but no one answered his call.

Knowing, that the poor animal would soon die, Maurice Valliere called his friend Pat Greba to save the animal with united strength.

The men rushed to the place where the poor beast was stuck. It didn’t just stick there but was almost buried. His mouth was full of eyes, so does his eyes and the entire face.

The poor animal could barely breathe. When the moose saw the man, he started moving and crying out for help.

Vallieres dog – a white labrador helped the men during the rescue process. He made the moose feel that they were there to help. Gradually, the animal calmed down letting people save him.

It was not an easy job but the old man overcame the challenge. They got very happy, knowing that the poor moose would continue living.

When the news has become famous on the Internet, the men told they didn’t do anything special. Anyone from the would have probably done the same thing

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