A puppy named Kevin,like all the other puppies,got into an orphanage from the street.

For the most part,stray dogs get into the shelter.That is,who were either born on the street or were once domestic.The difficulty of finding a family for such dogs has many reasons.

One of them is the fear of future owners to get an already established dog as a family member.The one that will be extremely difficult to retrain new habits and adapt to your lifestyle.
It is difficult to attach a dog at any age,especially if it is not thoroughbred.But in this case,there is a persistent feeling that the pet will not stay in the shelter for a long time.

Kevin is only 6 months old.The baby got to the shelter from the street.Sometimes it seems that Kevin is just unlucky….The puppy is so beautiful and unusual,so it is doubty sad and unfair from the feeling of his loneliness.
Kevin is the rarest specimen of chocolate-colored dogs.How handsome Kevin will be when he grows up a little!

There is a charm not only in the appearance,but also in his character.Kevin is very contact,affectionate and kind dog.Kevin is ready to delve into everything that a person advises him.There’s no one to advise yet.Kevin is looking for a family!

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