A street puppy couldn’t believe that he was allowed into the house for the first time.

Dima’s parents recently finished repairing the apartment,so he came to help them deal with construction debris.After working some time,the whole family sat down at the table,eating a cake baked by their mother.Soon there was a loud dog barking in the yard.
The man got up from the table and went outside,Dima followed him.In front of the house,dogs barked at the small puppy,and he pressed more tightly against the wall of the house in fright.

Then Dima approached the puppy,stroked him and fed him with candy.The baby ate the sweetness in an instant.
Leaving his parents,Dima took the puppy with him.The baby sat insecurely in the car seat and looked at the man with anxiety.
In the house,the puppy also behaved modestly,soon Dima took the baby to bath and washed him thoroughly.Having become clean,the baby gained more self-confidence.

When Dima’s parents came to visit a few days later,Athos,a clean and pretty puppy met them at the entrance to the house.Dima chose the name for the dog not by chance,because the baby hold on very firmly when he was attacked by several dogs.

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