A tag dangled in the ear of the dog,and sadness was in his eyes.After his owner’s death he was kicked out of the house…

Inna Przhevalskaya sincerely hopes that her dog is happy now,because in the past he had to go through a lot of adversity…

The girl took the pet from the shelter,calling him Max.The poor Max was extremely exhausted.The dog weighed a little more than 4 kilograms(and now it’s almost 8).A tag hung out in his ear,and the pet himself looked so unhappy that he involuntarily wanted to hug him.
Max used to live with his owner,and when he died,relatives first of all drove him away.So the dog ended up on the street,not understanding what to do next.He kept running near the house,but he wasn’t allowed back.In addition to all his hardships,the poor dog hurt his paw somewhere…

A little later,volunteers learned about the homeless dog.He was overexposured twice or three times,but soon people put Max out the door without explanation.And when,finally,the baby got into Inna’s house,the girl immediately realized why he didn’t stay anywhere for long.
Only five minutes passed,and the dog had already dropped all the objects from the window sils and tables.Inna doubted whether she would be able to cope with the animal.

But fortunately,the girl’s husband was ready for anything.He told her that he had love for this pranksterr at first sight.The husband was very patient and affectionate with Max.The animal could not but react to such a warm attitude.Soon Max began to endure until the required time of walking,stopped throwing at parrots and became attached to a new family.

Now, the dog is lying on the couch in Inna’s house,and his face rediates happiness and peace.
Thanks to Inna and her husband for their patience and love — thanks to them Max is happy now!

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