A tiny fox was found crying alone,but he was rescued and reunited with his mother.

The story of this lonely newborn fox,found in the garden of one of the residents,has a happy ending.

When this family from Virginia noticed the fox alone in the backyard,they immediately suspected that something was wrong.Since the baby looked very confused,they turned to the Arlington Animal Protection league for help.
Soon,rescuers arrived there.After inspecting the fox cub,they were relieved to find that he was in perfect order.

Since the chances of a fox surviving without a mother are very low,the two rescuers decided that they needed to find a way to reunite them.They placed the fox in the basket so that the mother could easily reach him,and then left the basket in the same place where the baby was found.Meanwhile,the landlord was closely watching what would happen.
Fortunately,by the next morning the baby was reunited with his mother.

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