A wet,dirty and exhausted cat trembled with the cold and dragged his hind legs behind him.

Soon a cat named Vasya will celebrate his birthday.But he just might not have lived to that moment,because one day he almost died on the street…

The owner of the animal,Evgenia Taratynova,shared the tragic story of his past.
The girl’s husband found Vasily a couple of years ago near the office.The poor cat was in a terrible condition,and many passers-by wrinkled squeamishly,bypassing him.But the man didn’t pass by.He stopped next to a wet,dirty cold-trembling cat,who for some reason didn’t even move.Zhenya’s husband took the animal into his car and turned on the stove.

It took half a day to warm the cat.The man understood that he would have to fight for Valya’s life! A little later,they take the pet to the vet.Fortunately,the doctor treated the family with understanding and did not offer to put the animal to sleep.
At that time,Vasily could not eat on his own,and his hind legs did not function,so he dragged them behind him.
But the couple did everything to make the baby healthy again,and now it really is.

Vasily recovered,turning into a beautiful,fat and affectionate cat!
Thanks to the family for helping the sick cat!

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