A year ago,no one even wanted to touch this cat.Now it has become completely different.

This cat was sick with sarcotic scabies,He couldn’t open his eyes and looked just terrible.He was in one of the shelters in Los Angeles and cried endlessly.

People felt sorry for the unfortunate animal and came to its rescue.The kind people who picked up the cat called the animal shelter and asked to find new owners for the poor cat when he recovered.
The cat,who was named Valentino,showed incredible fortitude.Very soon he began to recover.

With the onset of spring,the cat finally approached his happy life:there was a family that took him to their house.
A woman named Tanya saw a post about Valentino in Facebook.The story of the cat hooked her so much that she immediately wanted to take the animal to her house.

Valentino came to the new family at the end of March last year.It’s been a few weeks before his relationship with people finally improved.

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