After the death of a brave pet,the owners decided to clone it…

Alice and David hardly thought about cloning a pet while he was alive.Marley,as their devoted dog was called,was not just a wonderful friend and family member.The four-legged pet saved Alice’s life!

In 2014,when she was pregnant,the family went for a walk.Marley was there,protecting his mistress.Suddenly,the mistress noticed some stick.She was loose and was abut to fall.At that moment,Marley jumped to scare the snake away.

The reptile did not expect such a rebuff,so it crawled aside.It was an explosive snake,one bite of which would cost the lives of both Alice and her baby.
After that,the owners became even more attached to the four-legged hero,literally adoring him.Alas,Marley died soon.He turned 12 years old,and soon «went to the rainbow.»

The owners realized that they would be able to forget their devoted friend,and therefore decided to make an identical dog.People cloned it!Soon they already had a pet named Ziggy.

Labrador is not only outwardly indistinguishable from the late dog,but also has exactly the same character!Ziggy loves to play,run,he likes the same toys and has exactly the same habits!

Alice and David don’t regret cloning the dog for a second.They made this decision almost immediately after Marley’s death.Losing such a wonderful pet was just beyond their strength!

By the way,the cost of such a procedure was 50 thousand dollars,but the family says that every dollar spent was worth it.
«The result exceeded all my expectations!Ziggy turned out even better than I expected!»admitted happy David.

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