An awkward dog falls asleep in very strange poses,and the owners can’t get used to it.

There are no obstacles between Howard and a great sleep!This cute dog lives happily in a loving family and,when the owners are at home,pleases them with funny sleep poses.

Howard is big,but he doesn’t understand it.When he stretches out on the bed,he occupies almost all the free space,and waking up,he certainly arranges a mess,rushing around the house and sweeping away everything that gets in his way.And Howard’s tail can be called a real weapon,because when he accidentally catches one of the owners to them,it can be very,very painful.

However,when Howard sleeps,he’s still awkward.Stretching out like a snake,he lies on his stomach and sometimes puts his front legs on the furniture,leaving the fifth point hanging out somewhere in the air.It’s very funny to watch his tricks!
The owners thought that over time the pet would get rid of this habit,but it grew up,and the funny feature remained.

Howard can fell asleep with a toy in his mouth right on his knees.It is simply impossible to pass by the animal without smiling.The main thing is that the dog likes to sleep like that.However,the owners can’t even imagine how such a pose can be comfortable.

The funny feature of the pet brought a lot of joy and laughter to the family.»To get a dog was the best solution in our lives! Howard is a uniwue dog!» -people admit.

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