Baby and mom:Here are some funny photos of animals with their babies!

Mom is dear to everyone,regardless of age,profession and lifestyle,because this is the closest person who gave life.
The maternal instinct is inherit not only in women:dogs,cats,beers,pandas and even formidable tigers no less touchingly take care of their babies!

We have prepared for you several charming photos of moms with their children,so that you can smile when your see the amazing connection that exists between mother and child!

The gentle side of the tigress
This large wild «cat» is considered extremely aggressive,but even such a formidable creature as a tiger has its own weakness,and it’s a little striped tiger cub!

Mom — lemur will always warm up!
To create a comfortable environment for your baby,blankets and warm clothes are not required.
Just look at this fluffy mother:she heats the kids like a battery with her warm fur coat.Next to the «parent» the children are cozy and good,and all fears will certainly disappear!

Mom-monkey will heal heart wounds…
Even the funniest children are sometimes sad,and a little monkey is an example of that.Something upset this cute monkey,but mom does not give up trying to calm her child.
Just at the tenderness and understanding with which she hugs the upset «child».

Well,moms are mothers,they are all similar in one thing:everyone loves their baby with all their heart!

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