Before the tragedy,the man was indifferent to animals,but the little rabbit changed everything!

Shawn never thought he could love animals so much.But everything changed when he got a pet…Having survived the tragedy,Shawn realized that he could never live without a pet.

Once his girlfriend asked Shawn to shelter a rabbit named Nucky for a while.The baby was left without owners,and the girl was looking for a new family for baby…Shawn agreed and unexpectedly for himself…fell in love with the fluffy creature.They became friends,and the guy realized that he couldn’t part with his little gray friend.They had breakfast together,played,and in the evenings Nucky lay next to him,and Shawn stroked him.

But one day something terrible happened:the baby became sluggish,stopped moving,and it was clear that he was sick.The owner took him to the vet,but,alas,they couldn’t help the rabbit — a few hours later Nucky died…

That’s how Chief appeared in his life — charming rabbit that the previous owners got rid of.
Every time he comes home from work,the rabbit meets him at the door,sitting on the mat.

Chief runs around the house cheerfully,feeling completely free.He loves walking near the owner’s house and even in winter,in the snow,he gladly jumps out into the street!
Really,how can you not like a charming fluffy rabbit?

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