«Can you help?» A cute three-color kitten looked into the guy’s eyes incredulously…

It was late evening,and no surprises were foreseen.Vlad Stepanov didn’t expect a phone call…

«Who could be at such a time?» thought the guy and grabbed the phone.His acquaintances called — they asked him to take a kitten for a while.The guys found the baby on the street,and now he urgently needed to organize an overexposure.
Vlad agreed to take the kitten home.

The guys told Vlad that it would be clear this night wHether the baby would die or survive…The flea looked sadly and incredulously at the guy,as if wondering if this person could help him.
Vlad didn’t sleep all night.He sat at the computer,every half hour checking if the kitten was breathing.
Fortunately,the night went well!The kitten was moving and clearly wasn’t going to leave this world.

Vlad bathed the baby to rid him of fleas…And then suddenly realized that there was a girl in front of him.
Vlad thought he would soon give the kitten into good hands,but then he got attached to her,and his first cat got along well with his new girlfriend.
Now the kitten is healthy and full of strength! Amazing changes have taken place with her…

Vlad’s family loves their kitty!
Thanks to the guy for not refusing to help — thanks to him,this story ended in the best way!

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