Cat could not live without her owner and she was constantly discouraged until the man decided to take her to his workplace

Police officer Andy Simmons somehow decided to take a cat to him, that ran along a busy highway. They became friends, but since the animal was old and sick, it soon simply disappeared.

Andy experienced this loss hard, as he managed to become very attached to the cat.

In this regard, when the colleague’s family began to look for an owner for the cat, Andy immediately agreed to take her to him. The fluffy beauty was named Mercy and turned out to be very friendly and affectionate.

A wonderful life was overshadowed only by the fact that Mercy always missed her owner. It was simply unbearable to watch her sad look. Then Simmons made an attempt to negotiate with the management to take the cat to work with him.

Thus, Andy received the necessary permission.

Alas, not all of his colleagues liked this idea. Nevertheless, Mercy was so affectionate and obedient that she soon won the favor of even ardent opponents of pets with ease.

Now the devoted animal goes to work with Andy every day. If she is content, then everybody is content. Mercy knows how to behave in the workplace she can’t manage her feelings when seeing Andy. The cat jumps in his lap, asking for cuddles.

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