Every night we wake up from crying:tearing,pity and bitter.

There lived a dog in the village.She had a loving owner who took care of her,vaccinated and sterilized,fed her.And the dog,in turn,guarded the yard and its owner.

And for some special reason,the owner decided to throw it away.And the reason is that she steals neighbor’s chickens.
In the village,the only place where he could give the was capture.As you know,this is the worst thing that can happen to an animal,especially to a domestic one.

The fluffy beauty was saved by a woman who already had a lot of dogs.But she couldn’t leave this animal to die.
We gave her a new name — Basta.When the cute dog came to us,she was shocked.She got into a corner,didn’t eat anything and din’t get it touch with us.

But when everyone calmed down and went to bed,she started crying.Apparently,she missed her owner very much and didn’t understand why she was taken away.

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