He goes to his ex’s house and discovers that there is only food for his daughter, while the fridge is empty: he decides to go shopping for her

The beginning of a relationship is always idyllic and full of desires and hopes, even if these expectations are not always fulfilled. We would all like to live in a fairy-tale relationship, with the illusion that it will never change and, above all, that it will last forever.

The reality, unfortunately, is quite different, especially if the couple’s difficulties are not treated in the right way. In short, there are those who decide to separate even after getting married or having children. This does not mean, however, that we cannot continue to take care of our family. The man at the center of this story is a clear example of this.

Brandon Carpenter is an exemplary father and partner, who chose not to abandon his family despite an unsuccessful relationship with his partner. Brandon got a pretty girl from his ex and his love for her is absolutely unconditional. When the two separated, they were well aware that they were always united by their deep love for their daughter and that is why Brandon has never failed in his duties as a father. In addition, he has never hidden his great respect for his former partner, the woman who gave birth to his greatest treasure.

One day, while the girl was with Brandon, the ex-partner asked the man if he could stop by the house to take medicine for the baby. So it was at her house that he was shocked to discover that the refrigerator was half empty: there was nothing but water bottles inside. The pantry, on the other hand, contained only essential products for her daughter: formula milk and snacks mainly. Brandon then realized even more the importance and the greatness of his ex-girlfriend’s sacrifices: a mother may not even eat so that her child does not miss anything.

That’s when Brandon decided to do something to support his ex: «She works full-time and then takes care of my daughter. She pays the rent and all the bills, plus the car, the man wrote on Facebook. So today I went shopping to make sure she had enough to eat for the next few weeks. Just because we’re not together anymore doesn’t mean I can’t take care of her if she needs it. «A gesture that was highly appreciated by Internet users.

«If my daughter’s mother is well, then I know that she is taking care of her to the best of her ability and that makes me happy. Some of you might think that I should only pay for my daughter’s expenses, but this reasoning is childish. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility in all aspects of life! «Brandon concluded, gaining virtual support from many like-minded people. And you, do you agree?

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