Husky hit a car,the only passerby saved the dog…

A slimming poor fellow,torn mentally an phisically,was found on the track.He was hit by a car.
Only an accident saved the abandoned and once beloved dog from the plot that befalls him:to be crushed to death.

The pet could not move,so a random passerby took pity to the nearest place where he could be examined and assisted.
The patient turned out to be a six-year-old husky.So far,he hasn’t come up with a new nickname,but the dog once had a familiar home name.He has been for six years,which almost most of the pet’s life.was loved,lived in a house with his family.

He is contact,smart,kind and adaptive.
And this husky will soon acquire a new name and the right to a new sincere and happy life.In a very short time,we are already lookinf forward to his adoption!

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