Mom-cat thanked the woman who took care of her kittens.

Passers-by noticed how a homeless cat mother barely copes with four kittens,wandering the streets and collecting scraps.The most important thing for her was to give love and safety to her kids.

This cat family was spotted on a street in Oregon,USA.People decided to help their cat mother,who coped with four kittens while living on the streets.Despite all the difficulties,she gave the kids all her love.Good passers-by contacted the Oregon Friends shelter — and the cat family was happily taken there.
For cats,they immediately found overexposure — they were taken away by one of the employees.The cat was nicknamed Magnolia.At first,both mother and kittens were afraid of the new environment and people — everything was unfamiliar to them.However,they got used to it pretty quickly.

Mom-cat noticeably relaxed in a couple of days,followed by kittens.She understood that her kids were safe there- and this was the most important thing for her.
Kittens began to play and get more active,realizing that they no longer need to hide from anyone and look for leftovers in the streets.Although they are no longer small,mommy continues to take care of them sensitively.The kittens turned out to be very well-mannered,disciplined and affectionate.

When the kittens recovered enough,they and their mom began to look for owners.Beautiful Magnolia was taken away almost immediately — two days later a family contacted the shelter,which volunteered to take the cat to their home.Then all the kids of Magnolia were sheltered.

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