Mother cat is happy that kind people helped her baby kitten to survive

Volunteers from the animal protection organization Rescue Cats of Florida took cats from one breeder under their care a few weeks ago.

Among the cats, there were also several expectant mothers in position. To help these cats, animal rights activists turned to a person with experience – Samantha Fox, the founder of a specialized cat care service.

Especially a lot of trouble among the newly arrived contingent was brought about by the red-haired Gucci of the minuet breed (this is the Munchkin and Persian mestizo).

Gucci had all the habits of a star: legibility in the stern, regal behavior and the requirement to comb her thick coat when she pleases!

And a week after entering the Gucci family, she gave birth.

The only kitten – on which all maternal love immediately fell!

The kitten received a name worthy of its mother – Versace. And this exact red-haired copy of the mother was lively from the very beginning.

At least, he does not fall off from mother’s milk until she cramps her tummy (well, of course – all the milk is for her alone!), And mother devotes all her time to licking her beloved red sun.

And the kitty happily buries itself in her mother’s fur masking her.

Now, after more than two weeks after birth, Versace proudly shows the world his chubby tummy, loves to sit, under the jealous gaze of his mother-cat, in the arms of people and adopts from his mother all the best in the age-old cat science to please others.

And the successes are evident!

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