Pitbull with a kind heart brought a pregnant cat into the house..

Hades lives in Mexico City and has a very formidable appearance.The fact that the appearance was deceptive became obvious when the dog brought a pregnant cat to the house of its owner,Juan Flores.

The man felt sorry for the cat and began to feed her,so the animal became a regular guest in his yard.
One day,usually calm Hades began to jump around the owner and use other techniques to attract his attention.Juan realized that the dog wanted to show him something and followed her.Then he went and saw the pregnant cat,her childbirth was supposed to begin in the coming hours.

As soon as the cat began to give birth,Hades literally did not step away from the cat.
The dog moved away from the cat after all the kittens were born.Hades treated the kittens with extraordinary care and even licked them.

Juan decided to take the cat with his children to his house.The man called the cat Nicole.
According to the dog owner,this story should help people understand that it is not the breed that makes dogs prone to aggression,but upbringing.

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