Rescued,adopted and kicked out of the house!Then the puppy fell into the hands of homeless people…But everything bad is over!

Our little fluffy hero was rescued from the street,after which he soon found the owners.The new owners of the animal turned out to be bad people.In the end,they kicked out the pet into the street,without worrying about his future.

The baby was completely confused.He couldn’t survive on the street,so as soon as a bum called him,the baby happily followed the man.
Four months later,he was sheltered by Irina Korableva’s family.The pet was called Tyson,and now the dog is happy!

He is very loved,considering him a full member of the family.Tyson is surrounded by care and warmth.
Let every homeless dog be as lucky as Tyson.Well,we wish our hero to live many happy years in Irina’s family.

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