The abandoned dog waited for the owners on the sidewalk for a whole month.

Leaving their home in Detroit in search of a better place,this family left everything they thought was not needed on the lawn-old furniture,dilapidated pillows,a squeezed mattress…a devoted dog.He sat for a whole month at the place where he was left and refused to believe that the owners had abandoned him.

Going to move,the owners of a young pit bull named Boo decided that they didn’t need an old dog in the new place — and just left the dog on the doorstep of the old house.Boo didn’t want to believe in betrayal:he humbly sat on the path near the house for a whole month and waited for the owners to come back for him.
Good-hearted neighbors fed Boo all month.Realizing that the dog would not leave his post of his own free will,they called the Detroit Animal Assistance Center and asked animal rights activists to ave the dog.

«He stayed in his place and waited like a real devoted dog,»says Michael Diesel,head of the Detroit Animal Care Center.
Diesel did everything he could to make the devoted dog feel calm and safe next to him.
A couple of hamburgers did a miracle:Boo agreed to put on a collar and jump into Diesel’s car.

Boo turned out to be not only a devoted,but also a very friendly dog.
Now Boo’s cherished dream is to find a permanent home and loving owners.

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