The cat believed that he was already living out his last days:the wool fell off in pieces…

Our volunteers know this village well,because every year one of the volunteers brings at least fifty cats and kittens from there.But we didn’t expect to see the cat in this state.

The animal was at the local store for one month and literally died in front of villagers,but no one paid attention to it…Only a month later we were sent a photo showing that help is needed very urgently.

The cat’s wool fell off in pieces,and with it the skin fell off.The cat was covered in wounds,and also very skinny and hungry,as if in the month he spent at the store,no one even treated him to a piece of bred.When our volunteer started feeding him,the cat just attacked the food.

We took the cat and assigned him to the clinic where there was a place for him.While the cat is examined and tested,as soon as the results are known,the veterinarian will prescribe treatment.We understand that it will take a lot of time and effort for the cat to recover,but we hope that we can help him with this.

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