The cat didn’t leave and comforted the dog,who was left all alone on the street.

Cats and dogs are often cited as an example of irreconcilable enemies,but this story proves that these animals are also capable of the most sincere friendship.The little cat decided to console the upset dog,after which he became a real star of social medias.

The puppy was thrown into the street just near the apartment where he used to live.The dog refused to leave and in any weather lay near the hose expecting the owners to take her back.Very soon,a cat appeared near the dog,who did not step away from his friend,supporting him.The cat moved away from the dog only when people appeared nearby,hiding from them.

«They’re always here,they don’t go anywhere,they even look constantly in the same direction,»-says the local resident.
The puppy used to live with an elderly couple,but they moved to a nursing home,where it is forbidden to keep animals,so the dog was on the street.

For six months,the animal did not leave,all this time the cat was next to it.Some of the locals built a house for animals so that they could hide from bad weather.
After a while,an unusual couple were taken away by volunteers,they were examined by a veterinarian.Both animals turned out to be healthy and now they are in the shelter and wait when they find a new home for them.

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