The crew of the sinking ship,saving their lives,threw cats on board.And the cats survived!



On March 2,2021,at a distance of thirteen kilometers from the shore of Koh Adang Island in the Andaman Sea,the ship caught fire and sank!The Phamonsin Nava 10 towler drowned,and the crew jumped overboard.But for some reason no one remembered the animals that stayed on the ship…

The fishermen escaped,and four cats,squealing against each other in fear,huddled on a small piece of «sushi».The wooden section of the ship was still above the water,and it was only thanks to this fact that the cats survived.



The sailors went to check if there was no place where the trawler crashed the oil spill.And then the guys noticed four cats who were waiting for death in horror!One of the sailors immediately jumped into the sea and swam to the animals.He couldn’t even allow the idea that cats would die.

Fortunately,not a single cat was hurt,which in itself is a real miracle! At the moment they are taken care of by sailors who have become real heroes.
And the post with a story about the rescue operation posted on Facebook collected thousands of comments!

Thanks to the brave sailor for saving cats!

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