The cries of a man and the howling of a dog were heard on the lake,and a moment later a passer-by saw floundering in the icy water.

This exciting story happened on a winter day in Sterling,Massachusetts.The man went for a walk with his dog named Max.The pet ran fast in the snow,but suddenly he ran on thin ice and at that moment collapsed into the water…

The fearless man rushed after Max,but couldn’t resist and fell too.It was clear that they could not cope,and the victims urgently needed help.

The man,who played an important role in the fate of a man and a dog,was a random eyewitness named Daniel Klochkovsky.Then Daniel called 911 and explained the situation.

Now both victims feel good,despite the fact that they stayed in icy water for at least half an hour.
We are very glad that this situation has not become a tragedy and we sincerely thank everyone who participated in the rescue of Max and his owner.

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