The dog fought the snake and saved the children fro being bitten by a snake.

On early autumn,Sarah woke up from loud barking dogs.Her heart felt that something had happened to her favorite dogs.Sarah quickly got up and went to the yard where the voices came from.One of the dogs barked and jumped restlessly.She realized that something was wrong here,so she followed the dog.The dog accompanied Sarah to the end of the garden.She found that one of her dogs was feeling very bad and tearing up.Sarah almost lost consciousness,her legs weakened,she just didn’t know what to do.

Sarah took them home.She noticed a poisonous giant snake that bit the dog.In fact,another dog came to the rescue to save his brother.Sarah managed to take a picture of the cursed snake.She called for help and immediately took both dogs to the veterinary clinic.
Fortunately,one of the dogs were healthy,nothing happened to her,but the other dog had traces of bleeding in different parts of the body,especially on the nose.The victim stayed in the veterinary center for several days.All those gathered did not lose hope and believed that he would recover.
This case caused serious concern in Sarah’s family not only for the dogs,but also for their young children,who often play in the place where the snake appeared.
Moreover,Sarah’s husband said that the children were with dogs at that time.Maybe the dog saw the snake before and did not let the children in,as a result of which it bit it.In fact,it turns out that the dog saved the children’s lives.

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