The dog gnawed the mistress’s passport and thus saved her from a possible illness.

Imagine this situation:you are planning a trip,and everything is ready for this.You are full of emotions and anticipate new impressions.And suddenly it turns out that you can’t fly to another country because your passport is hopelessly damaged!

That’s exactly what happened to the mistress of a pat named Kimi.A resident of Taiwan has planned a trip to China,which was to take place in the near future.What was the disappointment of the mistress when she saw that her beloved dog gnawed her passport!The document was in such a state that it could no longer be restored.The pet was lying on the owner’s bed at the time of the «crime»,making a guilty face.

At first the woman was very upset but after a while she was ready to kiss her beloved Kimi.The fact is that a mysterious coronavirus broke out in Chine,which takes people’s lives in a matter of days.What kind of disease it is and how to treat it is still unknown,but only one thing is clear:the virus is very dangerous and often leads to death.
A couple of days later,Kimi’s mistress,who learned about the coronavirus,shared with social media users the joy that she hadn’t gone anywhere.

«Guys,do you remember the story with my passport?So,my baby just saved me!After the virus began to spread,it ended up in the part of China where I planned to go!»said the woman.She also added that she is sincerely grateful to the dog because she saved her life!Who knows how the fate of the mistress would develop of she were now in a zone where the coronavirus is spreading at great speed!
Well,the precious dog saved our heroine,and the torn passport no longer seems so tragic compared to what could have happened of a woman want on a trip.

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