The dog immediately fell in love with the kitten brought home by the mistress.

Not so long ago,the owners brought a new family member to the house — a kitten.They were worried about how their dog would react to the baby.But as soon as the meeting took place,all the worries immediately disappeared…

When the Harrison family from the United States took a little kitten from the shelter,they were worried about how their dogs would react.A kitten named Casper was still young when he was brought home,but after a while,a new family member was finally introduced to the dogs.

The first dog of the family,the pit bull did not react to the baby in any way.However,the owners were surprised by the reaction of another dog named Rex.He instantly fell in love with the kitten,and began to protect him.It was love at first sight,and Rex quickly took on the role of the baby’s older brother.

They do everything together-they sleep,play,hug and rush around the house together.Rex loves Casper very much,and it’s mutual.Over time,these two become more and more friendly-they are almost inseparable!The owners believe that they will have such a strong connection for a long time.

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