The dog was stolen 7 months ago.The owner went to the shelter without much hope.

Volunteers picked up a beautiful brown and white color pit bull on the street.It was a girl.The dog was greatly weakened due to lack of food and lack of proper
First of al,rescuers undertook to restore her health,which took five months.

The dog was nicknamed Chloe,who stayed in an animal shelter.Then there were two scenarios.The first is to find the previous owner,the second is to find a new home for the dog.
To do this,photos of Chloe were posted in the corresponding group in social networks.This always helps,both in search of previous owners and a new family.
At that time,one person was very worried about the loss of his pet.It was a pitbull,a girl named Mary Jane.The dog was stolen 7 months.The man has already lost all hope of finding his favorite dog.

But he didn’t stop viewing the pages of animal shelters.One day,he came across pictures of Chloe.He immediately became interested.She was like Mary Jane,so he decided to go to the shelter and see the pit bull.
The man told his story to the employees of the shelter.And when Chloe was brought out,something happened that is difficult to discribe in words.Emotions overwrove both the man and the dog.

Chloe,for the joy that her master was found,tried to jump as high as possible to lick the man’s face.The dog didn’t calm down.And it’s understandable,behind,there were a long seven months of separation.

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